• Arts & Entertainment
  • Community Programs & Services
  • Hawaii’s Cuisine
  • Housing
  • Native Hawaiian Issues
  • Newcomer’s Guide
    Thinking about moving to Hawaii or are you new here? Here’s a list of links to help you relocate!
  • Public Health & Vital Statistics
    A guide to obtaining personal records, marriage licenses and statistical information of Hawaii.
  • Recreation
  • Social Services
    A guide to Hawaii’s social services departments.
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  • A Voter’s Guide
 Citizen FAQs
  • Civil Defense, Hawaii State
  • Consumer Dial
    Fax-on-demand information for commonly asked questions for consumers.
  • Consumer Information from
    the Federal Government
  • Hawaii FYI
  • Public Defender’s Office
    The purpose of the Office of the Public Defender is to safeguard individual rights in all criminal and related matters, from arrest or threat of confinement through all stages of the criminal proceedings including appeal and parole board matters.
  • Recycling Information
  • Participating in the Legislative
    A Citizen’s Guide to Participating in the Legislative Process (Twelfth Edition).
  • Legislative Bills & Resolutions